Hello! I am Emma, Mummy of two. I am also a qualified Primary School Teacher with over 13 years teaching experience. But, at the moment I am super busy being a stay-at home Mum to my children aged 6 and 2. If anyone asked me what I miss most about my pre-Mum life it would be reading. For me, nothing beats a good book and an (ideally hot) cup of tea or a glass of wine (or two), either snuggled up on the sofa on a day when the rain is pouring down outside or in the garden on a sunny one!

I simply love to read and always have done from a very early age, anywhere, anytime, anything – a magazine in a waiting room, a new novel, a children’s picture book, a Sunday newspaper and all it’s supplements – heaven! So… one of the reasons for me starting Bitsy Bookworms is to encourage me to take time out to read a little bit more. Perhaps easier said than done…!

I’ve tried to instil a love for reading in both my children, starting with reading and telling them stories when they were tiny babies. Now my daughter is of school age, reading has become even more of a ‘thing’. I often get asked for recommendations for good books for children to read themselves, be read to or to be bought as gifts. By no means will Bitsy Bookworms be a definitive guide but perhaps can provide a helping hand!

As a newbie to blogging (please bear with me! ), I aim to document our reading adventures at home in Essex, London and further afield, provide honest reviews, some inspiration for reading and all things reading related. I hope you will enjoy the journey too, wherever it may take us….!

Emma x