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Echo Ridge is not a good place to be popular.

I actually had another YA book post scheduled for today, but I just had to share this brilliant new title by Karen. M. McManus. If you read my review of her debut YA novel One of Us is Lying then you will know that I was a huge fan of that book too.

Echo Ridge is a small, picturesque town, nestled near the Canadian border. In 1995 high-school senior Sarah Corcoran vanished while walking home from the library. Then five years ago, homecoming queen Lacey Kilduff was found dead in the aptly named Murderland Halloween park. Now, it is present day and the killer claims to be back.

The story begins when twins Ellery and Ezra come to live in Echo Ridge, a town that has many connections for them. Ellery is one of the narrartors of the story alongside Malcom, who is the brother of one of the suspects in the Lacey Kilduff murder.

As soon as I  got hold of my copy of Two Can Keep a Secret, I couldn’t wait to get reading. If One of Us is Lying was anything to go by, I knew I was in for a page-turning treat! What I realised very early on, was how different this story was going to be. Obviously it was going to be different, different setting, different characters etc..  however it had a different ‘feel’ to the last book and it took me a while to get used to, but not in a bad way. Oh my goodness is Karen M. McManus’ charactersiation absolutely en pointe! Yet again, I was fully invested in each character from beginning to end.

Be warned, this is a book that will keep you reading beyond your bedtime! This is another  roller coaster of a read with twists and turns leading you in every direction up until the very last page.


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