BOOK REVIEW: ‘Shaped! A Geometric Animal Alphabet Book’ by Katherine Bartlett

‘Q q for Quetzal’

We all know that a toddler alphabet book is a bookshelf staple. This little gem by author and illustrator Katherine Bartlett really breaks the mould! The bright, geometric pictures  take centre stage and gives the book a unique and modern feel.

Amongst the contemporary illustrations, there is a lovely juxtaposition of earthy muted tones alongside rainbow bursts of colour. My absolute favourite illustration is the vivid Kingfisher and my son just adores the majestic looking Tiger.

The book gives us Jamaican Parakeets, Marsh Deer and Ukrainian cattle – to name just a few, as well as some more traditional favourites. I was amazed that my littlest Bitsy Bookworm  instantly recognised an Eagle on our first reading, and after a few more repeat readings (at his request!) is now already remembering the names of some of the more unfamiliar animals and birds. If you have nature and animal loving children like we do, then I would recommend this book as they will certainly enjoy exploring the different species and you will hopefully enjoy learning the names together too! A brillant book for expanding vocabulary, learning the alphabet and gaining more knowledge about the natural world, beyond the usual zoo animals.

This would be a super stylish addition to any bookshelf and can be purchased now from:

The author sent me the book to review however all opinions are my own.

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