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REVIEW: MATHIMALS by Jon Hales and Illustrated by Charlene Mosley

‘Do you find it hard to add? You tried but it just makes you mad?’


Hot off the press! This brand new picture book by author Jon Hales and illustrator Charlene Mosley is sure to fly off the shelves. This quirky book is engaging, entertaining and full of humour. Aimed at 2-6 year olds, this book is the perfect for anyone who finds maths a bit of a struggle but it would be equally as readable for children who enjoy maths too!

This rhyming story revolves around a professor who has some rather cheeky animals to deal with. With the help of his invention, we gain a wild lesson in addition as some weird and wonderful animal combinations present themselves. My daughter giggled away as we read this story together and she enjoyed making predictions about what wacky creatures would be invented next. The whimsical illustrations further add to the comedy as well as give children visual clues to assist with their adding skills.

I can see this book being used as a tool in the classroom. It lends itself well to being a useful teaching resource. There are many teaching opportunities within these pages for both teachers and parents. The illustrations make great talking points, not only for addition but for all four number operations. Before we reached the end of the book, my six year old was already coming up with her own ideas for ‘Mathimals’ and using the vocabulary of number and adding without even thinking about it. In my opinion, anything that gets children thinking about maths and numbers in a fun and non-threatening way has got to be a positive. It differs from the normal ‘counting’ type books for toddlers as there is an added problem solving element that evolves from the inventive word play and creative creatures.

There is a reassuring and inclusive tone throughout the book which I liked too. Do you find it hard to add? No problem, this can be worked through together but in a fun and imaginative way.


Enjoy meeting the ‘Mathimals!’. Available to buy now from Amazon.

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