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‘What silently waits in the shadows at night? What’s under your bed, keeping just out of sight?…What makes all the creaks, cracks and clangs in your house?…’


So, it turns out that Tom Fletcher is not just a pretty face! This book is genius! I have to be honest, I bought this book not long after starting this blog, after being swayed by all the hype around its release. But we were not disappointed. I was a bit dubious that this might be a bit too ‘old’ and subsequently too scary for my six year old but I thought we’d give it a go and perhaps miss out the scary parts if need be – but why would you want to?!! It has just the right balance of scariness and humour and oh my goodness does Tom Fletcher have writing for children down to a ‘T’! ‘T’ for Terrific!

Children’s fiction is crying out for strong female heroines and in this story, the second of Tom Fletcher’s solo novels, we are presented with Lucy Dungston. She awakes one morning to discover that not only are her parents missing but ALL the grown-ups in the town where she lives. While the rest of the children in Whiffington relish in their independence and get up to all the things you would expect children to get up to if their parents vanish, Lucy along with a couple of unlikely sidekicks try to find out what is going on. Enter – ‘The Creakers’, four mysterious creatures who are discovered creeping around the bedroom. What follows is every child’s nightmare as the ‘things’ that lurk under the bed become a reality.

Tom Fletcher creates a magical ‘underground’ world in which these creatures thrive. When the two worlds collide, all sorts of calamity and horrors present themselves. There are hugely scary moments, laugh out loud funny bits and perfectly poignant parts. Tom Fletcher’s voice is prominent throughout and we loved the play on words and helpful warnings from the author when things might start to get a little creepy!

The book also has a strong (but no so much that it’s in your face) environmental message about rubbish, litter and what we do with it. This is presented very cleverly and prompts thinking in both adults and children alike.

Neither of us wanted to put this book down (and I have to admit that I sneakily read ahead more than a couple of times!). On more than one occasion, my daughter woke me up, the book clutched in her hand, begging me to read ‘just one more chapter’ before the day had started!

This is Tom Fletcher’s second solo novel, the first being ‘The Christmasaurus’ which is also pretty amazing (so amazing in fact that plans are in the pipeline to turn it into a feature length film).

Thank you Tom Fletcher for a brilliant read! We absolutely can not wait to read what you come up with next.

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