REVIEW: TEN LITTLE PIRATES By Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty


Our first adventure takes takes us sailing the seas, confronting sea birds, being zapped by lightening and of course searching for hidden treasure!

My son recently turned 2 and was bought this beautiful hardback version of the story by a good friend. We love receiving books as birthday presents especially when it’s not a book I have come across before – a new adventure to open and discover!

My daughter announced that she had been read this book at school so was already familiar with the story. Within minutes of reading, my 2 year old was ‘arrrrrring’ away with the pirates and joining in as much as he could with the counting. “Oh no!” he exclaimed as the pirates were picked off along the way. My personal favourite page has to be when pirate number seven gets seduced by a singing mermaid and off he sails…!

A great little book for pre-schoolers and beyond. The story encourages number recognition, counting forwards and backwards, is repetitive enough to enable little ones to interact but also sparks the imagination with bright and colourful illustrations, big sound effects for reading aloud and inventive situations for the dispatching of the pirates along the way. This story will be sitting on our bookshelf for a good while.

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